User Experience, Information Architect, and Responsive Web Coder.

Tott Platform

The Tott Platform is a very high-budget education technology platform for creating and selling online courses.  I was tasked with scratch building every component from UI to Multi-tenant DB.  I worked with a team of eleven to create the entire platform. My role was primarily UI/UX and system architecture. The remainder was managing the team with my partners.

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FireShot Capture 3 - Tott __ Administration - https___alpha.tott.io_admin_insights.png
FireShot Capture 6 - Tott __ Administration_ - https___alpha.tott.io_admin_courses.png
FireShot Capture 9 - Tott __ Administration - https___alpha.tott.io_admin_courses_builder_124.png
FireShot Capture 7 - Tott __ Administration - https___alpha.tott.io_admin_courses_edit_125.png
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